Die Abhangigkeit von Kokain ist eine schwierige und tiefgreifende Storung, die Menschen physisch und psychisch betrifft. Als Anregungsmittel klassifiziert, erhoht Kokain erheblich die Dopaminlevel – ein Neurotransmitter, der mit Lust und Belohnung in Verbindung steht – in den Schaltkreisen des Gehirns. Dieser kunstlich erhohte Level fuhrt zu intensiven Gefuhlen von Euphorie, Energieschuben und erhohter Wachsamkeit.… Continue reading Untitled


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Нellоǃ Ρerhарѕ mу mеѕѕagе is tоo ѕреcіfiс. Вut my оlder ѕiѕtеr fоund а wоnderful man herе and theу hаvе a greаt relаtiоnѕhiр, but what about mе? Ι am 28 yeаrѕ оld, Аnіkа, frоm the Czech Rеpublic, knоw Еngliѕh l&#


Ηіǃ I aррlаud wоmen whо hаvе thе сouragе to enϳoy thе lоvе оf mаny womеn аnd choоse thе onе who wіll bе her beѕt frіend during thе bumрy аnd сrаzy thіng сalled lifе. I wantеd to bе that frіеnd, not ϳuѕt the ѕtablе, rеliаble,

Bandwidth throttling consists in the limitation of the communication speed (bytes or kilobytes per second), of the ingoing (received) or outgoing (sent) data in a network node or in a network device.

The data speed and rendering may be limited depending on various parameters and conditions.

A data cap, often erroneously referred to as a bandwidth cap, is an artificial restriction imposed on the transfer of data over a network. In particular, it refers to policies imposed by an internet service provider in order to limit customers' usage of their services; typically, exceeding a data cap would require the subscriber to pay additional fees based on whether they have exceeded this limit.

If you use more than a certain, predetermined ‘fair’ amount of data in the month your line speed will be slowed down, in order to allow other users to access the network fairly. Each line speed has its own FUP threshold.

Bandwidth distributed during load on network, the higher the priority the more bandwidth available, meaning packages with high priority will get prioritised to get the needed bandwidth first before medium and low priority.

Contention is the number of users sharing the same data capacity. The lower the contention ratio the higher the quality of service. A 8:1 contention ratio means that up to 8 broadband customers are sharing the same bandwidth at any one time.

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